Duathlon Diva

A few months ago, I posted a rough training plan for all of the races I wanted to run in the new year. Most of those races came from one racing organization, and most are ones that I’ve – quick, everyone act surprised – discarded. Which is fine: Sometimes it’s nice to list all of your options out and then narrow the field.

My revised racing schedule for the year looks a bit more like this:

Some of you might be wondering, “Why Keeley, what is that strange word in the middle of your bullet points? It looks almost like “triathlon”, but you’re too much of a giant pansy to ever do one of those!” How right you are, my dickish friends! That word you’re staring at, dumbfounded, is “duathlon”, and I had no idea it even existed until a few hours ago, when I opened a newsletter from my local running store and saw it hanging around in the middle of the page. Duathlons are “run-bike-run” or just “bike-run” events that is similar to more intense triathlons, but without the swimming. The one in particular that I’m looking at is 5k run – 12 mile bike – 5k run. I’ve found a good article on Runner’s World about training for a half marathon and a duathlon at the same time, and my friend Cathryn found a series of duathlon training plans that I plan to try and incorporate into my existing half marathon training. It’ll be excellent cross training, that’s for sure..

I’m actually pretty excited to try a race like this – triathlons have always been something that I wanted to do, but I’m not a very strong swimmer. I also just bought a new mountain bike earlier this month (more on that later), and while that isn’t exactly the perfect racing bike, it’s been feeling very light and aggressive under me every time I’ve sped through the city to work. The idea of running, then riding, then running again on jelly legs would be a unique challenge – certainly not one I’ve ever done before.

EDIT: I biked home from work today, and then decided to go for a run immediately after. Immediate long-term jelly legs. Looks like I might need a bit of practice. 😛


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