Rihanna Loves Survival Horror

So a quick sound post to fill my sound post quota – this blog is called “The Hear Canal”, after all, and it’s supposed to be about the study and production of sound.

It’s not uncommon for various sound effects to be traded around and reused in different productions, and if you listen, you’ll occasionally pick up on it. For the better part of last year, I followed a Let’s Play for a game called Deadly Premonition. For those of you unfamiliar with Let’s Play, it’s a recorded play-through by another person, usually with commentary, who plays the game so that you don’t have to. (If you have time, watch the whole Deadly Premonition LP in the archives. I recommend it.)

For those of you unfamiliar with Deadly Premonition, it’s a Japanese survival horror game for the Xbox, made by a game designer named Swery 65, who is extremely entertaining to follow on Twitter. The gameplay and technical sound design are atrocious, but the game has a serious clunky charm to it.  Here’s a quick excerpt for you – pay close attention to the strange discordant sound effect that accompanies the pause menu around 37 seconds in:


Got that sound? So skip ahead a few months to today – I was listening to Rihanna at work (yeah, judge away), and I noticed THIS sound effect right in the very opening of the video:


Only logical conclusion: Rihanna’s sound designer is an avid survival horror fan, and also a total rip-off artist. Calling you out, sound engineer. Calling you out.


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