“You run like a girl” – 2012 Running Schedule

One of my new year’s resolutions this year was to keep up my running, and there’s no better running kick in the ass than an impending race. So, newly inspired and still feeling reasonably motivated (which I expect will last until mid-February, when I instead spend extra time in bed in the morning reading Google Currents), I’ve been scoping out races that I want to add to my running plan for 2012.

So far, my list of race potentials are as follows:

  • Adidas Shamrock Run – March 18, 2012. This 5k looks like a fun way to start the year. Optional 8k, which is a weird distance (4.56 miles, according to Google), but might also be a fun distance to try.
  • Hippie Chick Half/Quarter Marathon – May 12, 2012. A quarter marathon (6.55 miles, for those of you too lazy to do the math. You’re welcome.) would be a long run/race for half marathon training. Plus, you get sweet hippie swag, which needs to be accounted for.
  • Portland Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon – May 20, 2012. This was something I originally thought I might run with my mom – until my friend Cathryn kindly reminded me that a large group of runners got explosive diarrhea from the water served at the Las Vegas Half. Not being a fan of explosive diarrhea myself, this will probably be moved to the Pass List.
  • Helvetia Half and Widmer 10k – June 9th, 2012. This would be the 10k, not the half. Because hills.
  • Go Girl Trail Run – July 10, 2012. I think I’ve listed every Run With Paula event so far, but this one is on my short list. A 10k+ trail run through the area of Forest Park that Dave and I regularly hike through will be INTENSE. Because hills. Plus, this is a close but comfortable distance from my planned half marathon:
  • Crater Lake Half Marathon– August ??, 2012. This one’s a definite – I would kill to visit Crater Lake, and running this sexy sexy course is a bonus. Registration hasn’t yet opened for this event, and the website hasn’t even updated from the 2011 run, which I found strange.
    Until the guy at my local running store told me that the Rim Runs association is very hush-hush about this race – registration will open silently around mid-March, and will be limited to around 500 people for the half and the full combined. So I’ll have to keep checking the website and jump on this before the other 499 do.
  • Crawfish Crawl 5k – August 13, 2012. I thought this 5k looked nice, but wasn’t particularly interested in it, until I saw this line toward the bottom of the event information page:
    “The overall male and female winners will receive a free pair of Mizuno Shoes.”
    So now it’s on the list, if for no other reason than a free pair of Mizunos that I’m unlikely to win would be just lovely.
  • Pints to Pasta 10k – September 9, 2012. This was the first race I ever ran in Portland last year, and I absolutely loved it and planned on doing it again. Unfortunately, the dates coincide with a business trip I’ll be taking to Vancouver. Oh well, no free beer and spaghetti for me this year.
  • Forest Park Half Marathon – October 9?, 2012. I love Forest Park. Love, love, love Forest Park. We hike in there pretty much every Saturday, I run on the trails. It is big and beautiful and so close to home. It’s also fucking hilly. The Go Girl Trail Run will take place in Forest Park, at a shorter distance, so we’ll see how that goes. If I can still breathe at the end of it, maybe I’ll tackle this guy.
  • Portland Half Marathon – October 7, 2012. Aw yiss.

Last year I ran the Portland Half Marathon in under 2 and a half hours, and was pretty delighted by the whole experience. I get e-newsletters from the Portland Marathon fairly regularly, and since the beginning of January, those friendly reminders have turned into a registration onslaught – “Half Marathon almost full, better sign up!” “Half Marathon price increasing on January 15th, better sign up!” “Half Marathon will murder your pets and family, better sign up!” Since that decision time is coming up soon, I may or may not pull the trigger on the Portland Half in time. But, there are a lot of other races to fill that void, and it might be nice to try one of them instead.

On that note – here’s a song I’ve been running to lately. Listen, laugh at my taste in music, and we’ll leave it at that:


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