A Paper Moon

Cut paper is my new, momentary obsession. I love the strange, ethereal dimensions that paper takes in a 3D world, and so looking at things like shadowbox art and stop motion paper stories just makes my toes curl with glee. A few good examples that I’ve found so far:

Shadows of the Damned

I’ve been exploring an new idea for a while now, one that involves creating cut paper pieces and animating them as a sort of shoebox diorama animation, where each “scene” of the story moves to a different, mostly stationary shoebox. The story itself is a bit long for an animation, and I myself am hardly an experienced animator, but it’s a fun side project to work on in the meantime.

Going hand in hand with the cut paper style is stop motion animation. While the video below is not in the cut paper style, it’s a little bit of great stop motion for you that has those same funky principles (as well as a pretty catchy song). This video was sent to me by my dad, of all people:

I love the craftsmanship that goes into animations and styles like this – the look and feel, the obvious effort. From a sound perspective, it allows your sound effects to become more cartoony or otherworldly, and gives you room for experimentation that realism doesn’t always allow. Just listen to the different effects in the two videos: they’re almost like a children’s television show. From a visual perspective, outside of being extremely cool looking, styles like this can allow for a wider range of expression within smaller parameters, especially on a tight budget. Kina Grannis is an independent artist, and while I don’t doubt she shelled out some hard cash for that video, I also bet it was much more affordable than Lady Gaga’s latest release was. And it fits the song so well.

One more for you to drool over while I go back to working, courtesy of my friend Alice:


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