My Look Forward into 2012

I’ve been seeing New Year’s Resolution and Reflection posts popping up across the Internet for sometime now. While January 7th may be a little late to be entering the resolution/reflection fray, it’s still better late than never, and after reading several rather good resolution posts, I think this is something that would be of some value for me.

I didn’t really set any specific resolutions for the past year, outside of running in the Portland Half Marathon – which I think I signed up for in late December of 2010, completely convinced that I would start training immediately and would continue a steady athletic increase in the 9 months before I actually had to run 13.1 miles. (I didn’t exactly, but that’s something to expand on below.) Part of me regrets not setting a written goal, because after reading several of the aforementioned posts, I’ve seen how handy those goals are when used as a barometer – a specific notch on your belt to measure where you came from, and where you hope that you’ll continue to go.

So this year, I’d like to make a few specific resolutions, and set them in writing – a written goal is much harder to skirt/dodge/forget/compromise on/swear off than one that’s only bouncing around in your head. Before doing that, though, let me rattle off a few notable events that I accomplished in 2011:

  • Put on my big girl pants and moved all the way across the country last January, from Cleveland, OH to Portland, OR.
  • Moved into my first big girl apartment in Portland, a studio on Glisan Street where I lived all by myself and could poop with the door open whenever I wanted to.
  • Got my second big girl job at LogiStyle, LLC, where I moved from an independent contractor to a full time employee.
  • Went on my first big girl business trip, to Williamsburg, VA. Coordinated an event for CEOs and Presidents there, and managed not to say anything too stupid or wet my pants in public.
  • Worked on my first film set outside of RIT, which was a learning experience, but also insanely fun.
  • Worked at my first radio job, at PAGATIM Productions, where I helped mix shows for about 7 months.
  • Saw my oldest friend, Steph, get married, and was the maid of honor at her wedding. Was a bridesmaid for my friend Mary, and an absentee guest for Jackie. Saw my first real garter toss and bridal party.
  • Started biking and hiking a lot in the surrounding areas – Forest Park, OHSU, and Council Crest.
  • Visited the Cayman Islands with my family.
  • Celebrated one year together with Mr. David Rappoccio. Ate Mother’s and drank lots of beer.
  • Became a beer snob – drank lots of beer all over the city with Dave. Bridgeport is my favorite brewery, and I guess I like IPAs now. Give me my hipster cred card.
  • Visited LA for the first time, where we visited our friends Rory and James, swam in the Pacific Ocean and hiked to the top of Griffith Park.
  • Moved into my first big girl co-habituated apartment with my boyfriend, Dave. That big girl apartment is still very harmonious, homey, and surprisingly clean. Can still poop with the door open whenever I want to.
  • Got into football – started watching the Giants play at the Cheerful Bullpen, which has now become our Sunday pastime and where we have achieved “regular” status.
  • Ran my first half marathon – the Portland Half Marathon, at a time of 2:23:57. Got two cute swag shirts and a medal, which makes me a champion automatically. Did not train nearly as hard as I should have for it, and quickly got my ass whooped for it.
  • Spent my first Thanksgiving away from family – Dave and I made our own turkey dinner and played Skyward Sword all day. I cooked squash bake, and the turkey we made in our gas oven wasn’t completely undercooked.
  • Kissed my first boy at midnight on New Year’s – also kissed my first boyfriend at midnight on New Year’s. May or may not be related.

When I look back on it in list format, it really was a great year – I had a lot of fairly big firsts, took a lot of very scary risks, and found my way out to 2012 still employed and not much worse for the wear. I already have a few big events coming up for 2012 – my second half-marathon (and possibly first full marathon), a LogiStyle cruise in February that was a reward for meeting a sales goal – and want to add even more to the list. So, now, here are a few set resolutions for myself going into 2012:

  • Write something everyday. Write something for a personal project at least three times a week. Don’t kick yourself if that writing is awful at first – the tool is rusty, and it’s going to take sometime to sharpen again. Deal with it, bitch, you let it rust in the first place.
  • Continue running at least three times a week, pushing it into four times a week. Remember, you run for pleasure – push yourself, but don’t get discouraged if you have a bad run, and don’t let it stop being fun.
  • Run the Crater Lake Half Marathon. Run the Forst Park OR Portland Half Marathon. Give yourself the time to choose which.
  • When you’re at work, focus on work. Take pride in your work, and take pride in your individual projects. Set deadlines for yourself and stick to those deadlines.
  • Adventure.
  • Speak your mind confidently and don’t worry about seeming strange or different or silly. It’s okay to be strange or different or silly, or all three. That makes an interesting person.
  • When people ask you to write them notes, you should probably not wait unti a month out to publish them.

Some of these are specific, others are general guidelines that I’d like to adhere to in the coming year. Some of them border on cliche, others straight up are cliche. But what I’d like to them to become is accurate – come this time in January 2013 (assuming we get that far), I want to be able to dig this list up and tell myself with all confidence that I fulfilled these goals, and hopefully move on to a higher level of personal growth.


2 thoughts on “My Look Forward into 2012

  1. You say January 7, but the post says January 9…hmm… 😉

    I’m impressed that you can still poop with the door open while co-habitating with a boy. Also, did you wet your pants in private?

    • Ha, funny story – I wrote this on the 8th, thinking it was the 7th, and then because my blog is for some reason on EST, it said it published the early morning of the 9th. There’s just so many days here. 😛

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