On Why My Header is Huge

My friend Alice and I were discussing our extremely neglected WordPress blogs not too long ago, right around the same time we were discussing how neither of us blog anymore, and how we should really do something about that. So I decided to come back and assess the damage.

I had a pretty hideous theme on here before, along with a header that my boyfriend designed that in no way fit the proportions WordPress likes its picture headers to fit. The only entry was a half-finished, year-old, and pretty mediocre article about resistors (see below), and something about pan-searing porkchops. So I chose a new theme, changed around a few pages, and now having something that kind of resembles an acceptable blog, outside of the massive text header.

So here it is – The Hear Canal, 2.0. This blog is meant for me to explore personal projects – most specifically, elements of sound production and post-production – and also keep track of things that are important to me, like running, eating, and writing. It’s also a place where, 90% of the time, I’m going to write when I’m bored. The tentative goal, so we have it in writing, is to devote three entries a week to this blog, on various projects and adventures.

Right now, it’s raining outside, I’m extremely full of pizza, and we just finished Skyward Sword. So let’s start things right off and talk about that!

Skyward Sword, for those of you living under a fucking rock, is the newest game in the Legend of Zelda franchise. It’s also the first Zelda game to have a fully orchestral score, as opposed to a midi score, and I think it’s all the better for it.

I’m not going to go into an in-depth analysis, because musical critique is far from my forte, and I feel a bit pretentious and phony trying to talk about it. But listen to the difference’s in Zelda’s Lullaby in these four games:

Ocarina of Time


Twilight Princess

Skyward Sword

I’m not pointing this out to be a sound snob, or insinuating that the midi offends my delicate ears, oh God, stop the searing digital pain. All four renditions are beautiful, and very well done. They also each have subtle thematic differences game that fits their respective game – Windwaker has a lot of wood flute that fits it’s more cartoony, sea-faring theme. The violin backings and choral performance fit Twilight Princess’ darker tone.

But I really like the subtle imperfections that the orchestral version has – the slight pauses for breath, that faintly rusty wavering sound in the far background of the flute’s high notes, the catches on the strings. Not to mention the increased dynamic range of the whole thing. It just sounds cool, and I think it adds a really nice depth to the music.

Just as an added thrown in, one of my favorite tracks from the game:

Lanayru Desert

Aw yiss, robots and time travel and orchestra.


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